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Rev. Dianne Scott-Fowler

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STUFF ( Stockport User Friendly Fellowship ) was established in 1999 and has a proven track record of commitment to service users within the mental health community, on wards as well as in community settings. Whilst it is well recognised that one in four people have mental health related issues STUFF also recognizes that during the transformation plans throughout Greater Manchester service provision within Stockport is rapidly changing. Because of the extend of the problems, people are facing cuts to budgets, it is more important than ever that service users who from their first hand experience of mental health services continue to be at the forefront in giving a voice to mental health service users. We believe that service users have many years of experience in mental health and mental health service provision are the experts in their own wellbeing. The organization is a pooling of skills and enthusiasm of a collection of very different individuals.

The organization aims to:

- Challenge institutionalised discrimination and put equality back on the agenda for mainstream mental health services

- Make the policy of ‘getting the right support, at the right time, in the right place, from the right person’ a reality

- Reflect the social model of disability and promote informed choice and alternatives to medication where appropriate

- Challenge stereotypical images of people with mental health issues

- Give service users choices

- Recognize individuality and support people on their recovery journey

- Enable service users taking the person centred approach to support them into reaching outcomes that are specific to their individual need

STUFF offers recovery focused support including mental health awareness promoting positive mental health and wellbeing

We also offer monthly workshops. The theme throughout this coming 12 months is Wellbeing through Art Therapy

What do we offer?

As a service user led organisation we are currently evaluating and monitoring the impact of the transformation within Stockport to mental health service provision to Service users and family members, we have monitored this over the past two years, we have identified the need to offer an Active Listening Post service/during the weekends including Bank Holidays where the take up has been steadily growing.

We have been doing this over the last two years and have recognised there has been an increasing need for our input due to the damage done by cuts to public funding alongside changes to the benefit system in regards to the uptake of food bank vouchers, referrals for support with ESA/PIP forms and benefit sanctions, practical support to GPs, hospital appointments, support with housing needs i.e. advocacy service supporting people to stay in their own homes. We are here for tea and chat in a safe environment where you will be heard non-judgementally by people who have been in similar situations.

STUFF ( Stockport User Friendly Fellowship ) would like to thank for their support over the 18 years the service users, the family members and grassroots organizations who have also recognised the unmet needs within the mental health community.

Contact details:

Dianne, Naomi, Janina, Bart

Are available at the Mental Health Unit: Wednesdays 12-5pm and Sundays 1-4pm (appointments outside of these hours also)

Mondays and Fridays in Community Settings (Wellbeing Centre)

We also offer evening support within the local community on the second Monday of the month at Disability Stockport, 23 High St, Stockport SK1 1EG 6-8pm, out of office times by appointment.


c/o Medical Records, Mental Health Unit, Oasis Building

Stepping Hill Hospital, SK2 7JE

email: [email protected]

Rev Dianne Scott Fowler