Minister for Mental Health and Social Justice
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Rev. Dianne Scott-Fowler

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Testimonials from people and organizations past and present:

What Jackie thinks:

Dianne is a dedicated individual and member of the Stockport User Friendly Fellowship team who works tirelessly for and with mental health service users to fight for better services. She is a women of the people, person-centred in everything she does.Friendly and approachable and a great listener-just the person to know when she is needed. May her work continue and make a difference in Stockport . Jackie Sanderson

What Bart thinks:

Rev. Dianne Scott-Fowler is one of those unique persons who you encounter in life who not only talks about supporting/helping people but is an active Minister for change throughout Stockport. She is passionate about providing assistance to those in need using the persons' centered approach where your outcome is the one that matters unlike other organisations who either want to change your way of thinking or your lifestyle. Dianne has always believed in me as an individual and encouraged me to move forwards my way and at my pase ( she has always made clear that she will walk as fast as the slowest person and does not want people to change but to embrace themselves for whom they are. Two years later, this has inspired me to move forwards and give to others kindness, humanity, dignity , empowerment and respect that has been shown to me, I am now working alongside Dianne as an equal to continue the work that has been delivered since 2006, it strengthens my personhood and commitment to others knowing what Dianne previously went through, the unkindness and misuse of her trust alongside the intimidation that was imposed on her by those who chose profit over people and to use vulnerable people to boost their own egos. If she had walked away completely neither I nor my family would be writing this today, strength, forgiveness, compassion and justice is something I have found drives Dianne forwards. The person behind the title Minister is a Wonderful Person. God Bless you and everyone in your Ministry. Bartlomiej Sporyszkiewicz

What the Bishop thinks

Dear Bartlomeij

Thank you for being in touch with me.

I was pleased to meet you and Dianne from the Mental health Ministry Stockport on Sunday at Stockport Pride event and to hear of your work.

With my best wishes, and continuing prayers for the vital work you do,


The Right Reverend Libby Lane

Bishop of Stockport

What Steve Director of NHS Benchmarking thinks about STUFF our partner in progressive partnership building:

Dear Bartlomiej

Thanks for the mail and sending over the sheet on the work of STUFF. I did come across STUFF many years ago when I was working in Stockport and always had a high regard for your work, it’s important and only happens because of the enthusiasm and commitment of service users.

Thanks for the update, glad things are going well and STUFF is continuing to both support service users and make an impact with commissioners and providers.

With best wishes


Stephen Watkins


NHS Benchmarking Network

Support from HRH Prince of Wales on Dianne's first project:

Co-oproduction in action Pennine Care, Dianne and Bob, Founders of first Service User run Charity Stockport:

What Joint Commissioning Manager of Mental Health and Substance Misuse Services, Stockport MBC and NHS Stockport thinks:

Kind words from Colin:

More kind words from Jean:

Rev Dianne Scott Fowler